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Over the last few years, Kinitron has developed a comprehensive suite of business process management tools that enable a firm to better manage, organise and automate all the internal operations. Additional tools allow external parties such as customers and suppliers to interact electronically via an extranet facility without the need ever for another fax or letter by post.

Kinitron has pioneered the use of Microsoft's Sharepoint as a framework that integrates together the processes, structured data and documents within a firm. From Kinitron's experience, Sharepoint allows such systems to be developed much more quickly and at much reduced cost compared with more traditional development tools and methodologies.

Kinitron has extended the standard Sharepoint framework with additional modules that provide document management, workflow processing, databases, reporting and other functions. Custom modules can also be created to fit the unique needs and exact requirements of each customer, thus providing customer-specific applications as part of the overall framework. Remote access, home working, and business continuity are all enabled by this framework at no extra cost.

SharePoint 2007

The entire application set runs seamlessly within Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) browser and is fully inter-operable with Microsoft's Office 2003/2007. Kinitron staff have in-depth expertise in Sharepoint and all related Microsoft technologies including .NET, C#, VBA, ASP and SqlServer.

Working closely with customers, Kinitron has developed a full vertical application for the property investment market including customer management, property acquisitions, refurbishments, lettings and management, and accounts integration. Kinitron is in the process of applying this framework to other vertical markets including legal services, insurance and pensions.

Specific components that have been developed within the Sharepoint framework include:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Workflow management - a unique innovation
  • Consequence engine for events processing and action propagation
  • Document generation based on templates and context
  • Document scanning and electronic capture
  • Databases and field processing
  • Company-wide collaboration
  • Google-like search engine within both databases and documents
  • Tight email integration (eg. Microsoft Exchange)
  • Job records, billing and invoicing
  • Flexible reporting on the web or exported to Excel or Word
  • Enterprise resource planning
  • Integration with accounts packages (eg. Sage)
  • Extranets for external parties such as clients & suppliers

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