Innovation Model
Innovation Model

Kinitron staff work closely with our customers, identify the problems that need to be solved, think outside the box, and apply current and emerging technologies creatively to come up with novel ways to help the customer and to add value to the customer's business.

Our aim is value innovation. This embodies the simultaneous development of an innovative solution and overall cost reduction, compared with existing offerings in the marketplace. For our customers, value innovation breaks the value/cost trade-off by simultaneously pursuing low-cost and product differentiation. Our aim is to deliver sustained competitive advantage to our customers.

Kinitron's Sharepoint offerings exemplify the concept of value innovation. We are able to deliver company-wide solutions at an accelerated pace and, often, at half the cost compared with other more traditional tools and methodologies.

Similarly, our innovative VoIP phone systems for business and professionals provide a wealth of features, capabilities and flexibility such a teleworking and integration across multiple sites, while reducing the installation costs and call charges, often by 3-5 times, compared with traditional switchboards and existing telephone service providers.

The Department of Computing at Imperial College -- staff, graduates and placement students -- have all been a constant supply of inspiration and innovation for Kinitron's products and services on multiple occasions so far.