Professional IT Solutions to Transform Your Business

Information technology and telecommunications form the nerve system of every modern business. They have become indispensable tools to run the business and are invaluable enablers to exploit opportunities and new markets.

Based in South Kensington and working with graduates and staff from Imperial College, Kinitron specialises in software development and systems integration. Our mission is to provide creative technology solutions for professional services firms and other businesses mainly in London and the south east and west of England.

Kinitron offers a comprehensive suite of business transformation tools for firms to manage all the internal processes, and to interact electronically with external parties such as customers and suppliers.

Project Management & Consultancy

Extensive experiences in challenging projects, programmes
and assignments for global banks and financial organisations

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Software Engineering

Provide innovative software solutions to organise and automate internal processes for your business

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IT Consultancy

Professional services to help your business with any PC, server and network related requirements

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Business Phone Systems

A state-of-the-art company switchboard based on Voice-over-IP (VoIP)

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